Welcome to the Weymouth Ridgeway Team

Our new (and developing!) website for all seven churches in the Weymouth Ridgeway team.

Hello and welcome to the Weymouth Ridgeway Team!
We are a group of seven churches serving the

communities on the northern edge of Weymouth.
If you live in Buckland Ripers/Nottington, Upwey,
Broadwey, Littlemoor, Bincombe,
Preston/Sutton Poyntz, Osmington/Osmington Mills
and Poxwell, we are your local Christian community.

[see Benefice Map page for details]

Whether you are already a follower of Jesus,
coming back to church or simply curious about
questions of faith, you are welcome amongst us.
We are here for everyone in our local community,
irrespective of personal faith (or lack of it).

Christians from each of the churches are actively
involved in making their local communities a
better place. From hosting organisations such as
Littlemoor Foodbank and AA, to supporting
people in need through the St Andrew’s Angels
or involvement in our local schools, we are committed
to working for a vibrant and resilient Ridgeway area.

However, our greatest treasure to offer is our faith.
For thousands of years Christians have lived and

worshipped in this part of Dorset.
Rooted in the love of God for a broken and fallen
humanity, we want to build on that heritage and
share the good news of Jesus with all.

We believe Jesus is the only way to understand life,
to do life and the only way to eternal life.
We would love to invite you to get to know Jesus better.

This website is under construction but you should still
be able to find useful information. If you would like
any further information, or simply want to reach out,
please get in touch.

We’re delighted that you’ve visited our site and look
forward to welcoming you at one of our
church communities.

In the love of Christ,
Rev James Menzies, Team Rector