Life Events


Local residents are welcome to get married in one of
our church buildings. If you don’t live locally but can
demonstrate a “qualifying connection” with one of
the churches, a wedding here is also possible.
Please see
for more details.

Marriage after divorce is no longer automatically
a bar to a church wedding.


We no longer offer a “one size fits all” approach to
christenings. Rather, if you are interested in a service
for your child, please get in touch. We can then discuss
with you about what would be best for your
circumstances to take things forward.


Funeral directors will normally contact us on behalf of
the bereaved.

For any initial enquiries regarding life events, please
contact the Team Administrator, Shirley Mitchell on

or 01305 837147
St. Andrew’s Church Rooms, 4 Church Road, Preston,
Weymouth, DT3 6BU