Churches and Locations

Below you’ll see photos of the churches for
identification and postcodes for finding them.
Please note that some churches have only limited parking.

St. Nicholas, Church Ln, Buckland Ripers,
Weymouth, Dorset DT3 4BT
(WhatThreeWords: ///took.brink.hurt )
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St. Laurence, Church Street, Upwey
Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5QE
(WhatThreeWords: ///pasta.dairies.fallback )
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Holy Trinity, Bincombe
Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5PT

(WhatThreeWords: ///interlude.wires.gala )
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St. Nicholas, 681 Dorchester Rd, Broadwey
Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5LW

(WhatThreeWords: ///curly.quilting.pans )
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St. Francis of Assisi, Merredin Close, Littlemoor,
Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6SJ

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St. Andrew, Church Road, Preston,
Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6BU

(WhatThreeWords: ///brisk.thumps.surfacing )
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St. Osmund, Church Ln, Osmington,
Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6EJ

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